Florida Bait Rigging

Bait rigging can be done in a variety of ways depending on the type of bait you are using, where you plan on fishing (inshore, offshore, bottom fishing, fishing structure and so on) and the presentation of your bait you are trying to achieve.

If your bait is not rigged correctly for the type of fishing you are doing, most likely you are not going to catch many fish.

So make sure you bait is set up the right way for the style fishing you are doing.

Below is a list of baits and how they can be rigged different ways.

Catching Bait

  • Catch Fiddler Crabs

    Rigging Pinfish

  • How to Rig a Pinfish Different Ways
  • Rigging a Pinfish Through the Nose
  • Using a Pinfish and Jighead Combination
  • Rigging Pinfish Through the Back
  • How to Rig a Pinfish Through the Belly
  • Rigging Cut Pinfish
  • Rigging a Blue Crab

  • Rigging a Blue Crab
  • Rigging Half a Blue Crab
  • Rigging a Fiddler Crab

  • Rigging a Fiddler Crab
  • Rigging Gulp Shrimp

  • Rigging Gulp Shrimp
  • Rigging Gulp Shrimp Weedless
  • Rigging a Gulp Shrimp and Popping Cork
  • Rigging Live and Dead Shrimp

  • Rigging a Live Shrimp
  • Rigging a Shrimp Weedless
  • Rigging Live Shrimp and a Jighead
  • Rigging Dead Shrimp
  • Using a Popping Cork

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