Rigging a shrimp weedless

Rigging a shrimp weedless is a great way to rig your shrimp when fishing shallow water and when grass is abundant.

When rigging a shrimp this way it needs to be fished very slowly to achieve the most natural presentation.

I left the tail on in the pictures as a reference to where the hook is inserted.


1.) First the tail needs to be removed. Not removing the tail will result in more grass getting hung up on the shrimp and spinning during casting and retreval. After the tail is removed, insert the hook from the top in the center of the shrimp about an 1/8" in from where the tail was removed.


2.) Push the hook all the way through to where the eyelet is touching the back of the shrimp where the hook was inserted and spin the point of the hook to face back towards the body of the shrimp.


3.) Next you want to curl the shrimp up and insert the hook into the body as far down (or as close to the head) as possible. The eyelet (where your line is tied onto your hook) of the hook should barely be out of the top of the shrimp and the shank of the hook should be almost parallel with the body, (this is the straight part of the hook between the eyelet and where the hook starts to bend) leaving the tip of the hook buried in the body.

There is no need to poke the point of the hook through the top of the shrimp like is needed in many other weedless applications. The shrimps body is soft enough that any gamefish can chomp right through their soft body and get to the hook.

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