Rigging Pinfish In The Back

Rigging pinfish through the back is used most often on a popping cork rig or on some offshore rigs.

Many anglers also free line pinfish on the flats when rigged this way.

This is one of the most natural presentations out of all the different ways to rig pinfish.

But this option should be used carefully, because if there is any grass or structure around the pinfish will try to hide and hang you up or hide where no predator fish will be able to find them.

rigging pinfish through the back to catch many inshore and offshore species

Placing the hook towards the tail of the fish will allow the fish to swim downward, this is good when using a popping cork with a pinfish.

If you put the hook closer to the head your bait will tend to stay closer to the surface, this is best when free lining your bait in shallow water.

rig a pinfish in the back for many inshore and offshore species

Remember to make sure no scales are on the tip of the hook once through the body of the fish, this can result in a missed fish.

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