Rigging Dead Shrimp

Rigging dead shrimp can be tricky at times due to the way their body turns soft after they have been frozen and thawed.


With dead shrimp a jighead will help keep the shrimp placed on the hook better, but you can still get away with using just a plain live bait hook if no added weight is needed.


The best way to rig dead shrimp is through the tail, hooking them through the head does not work very well because the head will come off very easily.


To get started remove the tail of the shrimp and insert your hook or jighead into the body of the shrimp. Thread the shrimp onto the hook.


Once the hook is threaded deep into the body of the shrimp push the hook out the bottom side of the shrimp. This is the most durable way to rig dead shrimp.

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