Rigging a Pinfish Through the Nose

Rigging a pinfish through the nose is an effective way to rig your bait while making many casts with the same bait.

This is a good way to rig pinfish when fishing along a mangrove shoreline in search for snook and redfish.

Or in any other situation that numerous casts are needed.

This set up lets the pinfish function very well and will allow the fish to live longer than when rigged through the body.

rigging a pinfish through the nose, the pinfish will live a long time when rigged this way

You can either let your bait swim around naturally while keeping the line taught or you can have a slow retrieve with this rig.

Pinfish will automatically try to get to the bottom because that is where they live in their natural environment.

To rig your bait grab your pinfish (watch out for the dorsal fin it is very sharp) and insert the hook in the lower jaw pushing the hook through where it exits between the upper lip and the nose.

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