Rigging a Fiddler Crab

There is not many options when it comes to rigging a fiddler crab.

The best way to rig these small little crabs is by inserting the hook between the rear legs or at the back corner of the shell behind the rear legs.

When pushing the hook through the top of the shell you want it to be centered at the back of the shell.

These small crabs are great baits for sheepshead, pompano, blackdrum, redfish and many other Florida species that also occasionally eat fiddler crabs.

You can catch your own fiddlers if you spend a little time and know where to look.

Rigging fiddler crabs

The best places is on spoil islands and grassy marshes during low tide.

If you want to take the easier route you can get them at your local tackleshop.

Rigging a fiddler crab

But fiddler crabs are sometimes hard to find at most bait and tackleshops, so if you get lucky and find a place that sells them it might be a good idea to get some extras to keep in the freezer because they also make great frozen baits.

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