Gulp Shrimp and Popping Cork Can Be Deadly!

A Gulp shrimp and popping cork can be deadly on trout and redfish all throughout the year around Florida.

The first step with one of these set ups is to pick a popping cork to use.

There are many different styles and manufactures out there, but the most common is the Cajun Thunder, or Paradise Bayside Popper.

Either one of these popping corks are a good chioce when fishing this rig.

popping cork ready to be rigged with a gulp shrimp. Gulp shrimp and popping cork

The leader should be between 18" - 24" of 15lb - 30lb fluorocarbon.

All that is left now is deciding between a jig head and just a plain hook.

When you tie either a jig head or hook onto your leader a loop knot is the best knot to use.

upclose picture of gulp shrimp rigged under a popping cork. How to rig a gulp shrimp under a popping cork

Using a loop knot will allow your lure to have more action with the popping cork.

I usually don't use a jig head for this but sometimes if there is a lot of current or wind I will put a 1/8 oz to a 1/4 oz jig head on.

Regardless what you decide on the hook vs jig head situation, threading the shrimp on to the hook will hold up the best for this.

You can either rig your shrimp through the head or the tail when fishing with a gulp shrimp and a popping cork.

complete rig for a gulp shrimp and popping cork

Some people hook the shrimp differently but from my experience the shrimp tend to want to come off the hook or jig head if not threaded onto the hook because of the constant popping motion.

A gulp shrimp and a popping cork rig will also work on other species but is most commonly used to catch Trout and Redfish.

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