Pinfish and Jighead Rig

A pinfish and jighead combination is a great way to rig your pinfish if used in the right situation.

This setup would be most effective in deeper water like a channel or when fishing a pass when there is alot of current present and you are wanting to get the pinfish down near the bottom.

pinfish and jighead inserting the hook through the lower jaw of the pinfish to catch snook, redfish, and trout

To do this first get a good firm grip on the pinfish but watch out for the dorsal fin it's very sharp (thats how they get their name).

Next insert the hook through the lower jaw and push your hook through where it exits out the nose of the fish.

pinfish and jighead combination ready to catch redfish and snook

When rigging a pinfish this way you can expect it to last a long time in very good condition.

Pinfish are a very hardy bait anyway but they usually are still alive in your baitwell after everything else has died.

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