Rigging Live Shrimp with a Jighead

Rigging live shrimp with a jighead is a favorite amongst many anglers.

This method can be used from the inshore flats, to bridges and deep channels.

Inshore a 1/8 oz to a 3/8 oz jighead will most commonly be used.

For the bridges and deeper channels where alot of current is present up to a 1 oz jighead will be needed.

There are two ways to rig live shrimp using a jighead.


1.) Through the head. This is a good way to rig your shrimp if you are trying to have a natural presentation while getting your bait down in the strike zone. This is best way to rig your bait if you want to drift your bait through a bridge or fish a deep channel or pass.


To rig your shrimp this way insert the tip of the hook on the bottomside of the head and push it through where it comes out right behind the horn and in front of the dark spot on the top of the head. This rig also works well with a very, very slow retrieve when little or no current is present.


2.) Through the tail is another way to use a shrimp and jighead combination. If you are planning on tossing your bait out and letting it sit in one spot this would be the best way to rig your shrimp.


To do this you need to first remove the tail of the shrimp. Next take the hook and insert it in the tail of the shrimp and thread it onto your hook. Push the hook out the bottom of the shrimp. Most of your hook should be hidden in the body of the shrimp with just the tip of the hook and the jighead exposed.

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