Catch Snook in December

December 2010 From Hernando Beach to Venice


Many anglers still like to catch snook in December. Linesiders will continue to be around in good numbers until the end of the month. Don't forget snook are out of season. Look for snook on an outgoing tide on a flat near the mouth of a creek or river. Small plugs and jerkbaits will work for artificials while live select shrimp work great this time of year.

Look for redfish across shallow mud flats. Afternoon fishing is best as the sun warms the water by the afternoon making the fish more active. Large select shrimp is the best choice for live bait. Jerkbaits and 3" gulp shrimp worked slowly are at the top for artificials.

Trout will be near the mouths of creeks and rivers. Use a live shrimp under a popping cork or a shrimp tipped jig for best results.

Sheepshead, mangrove snapper and the occasional flounder will be around most inshore structure (docks, sea walls, rockpiles). Fiddler crabs and freelined shrimp will be a sure bet.

King mackeral and spanish mackeral are still around nearshore structure but are scattered and inconsistent.

Grouper can be found in the bay on nearshore rockpiles and other structure but when the cooler weather is around it will push these fish out to deeper water. Frozen sardines or a wounded pinfish are excellent choices for live bait. Don't pass up trolling a deep diving plug around 3-4 knots over rockpiles and on the edge of the shipping channel as this can produce great results.

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