Gulp Baits

The line of Gulp baits consists of fresh and saltwater Gulp and Gulp Alive. These baits are the most popular soft plastics on the market today.

You can get Gulp in styles for inshore to offshore, saltwater to freshwater, and everything in between.

In my opinion, Gulp soft plastic baits are in a league of their own, they're the most innovative and effective artificial soft plastic bait ever invented.

What sets Gulp apart from the rest is that the soft plastic baits absorb the "Gulp juice" like a sponge and this puts off a scent that fish cannot resist.

gulp baits bag of new penny gulp

Some people think that they can just dip other non - Gulp soft plastic baits in the juice that comes with Gulp Alive, and it will work just as well, but that's not the case.

The reason for this is Gulp soft plastic baits absorb the juice and require the juice in order to not dry out.

If you have ever left a gulp bait out of the bucket or on your hook, you would know that they dry up and shrink to 1/3 of their original size.

Other soft plastics that do not require liquid to stay usable do not absorb the magic "Gulp juice" like the Gulp baits are designed to do.

So when you cast these non Gulp lures that have been soaking in the magic "Gulp juice" out into the water most of the scent washes off after the first few casts while a Gulp bait will hold the scent for hours.

The downfall to using Gulp bait is the price, they range from $5.79 for a bag of freshwater Gulp, to over $6.00 for a bag of saltwater Gulp, around $19.99 for a pint of Gulp Alive, and $35.99 for a quart of Gulp Alive, but I guess the saying is true "the good stuff doesn't come cheap".

The top three most popular color Gulp soft plastics are: 1. New Penny 2. Natural 3. Molting

All of these colors will produce fish, but you can never go wrong with everyone's favorite New Penny.

One last thing, the bags that Gulp comes in always leak once they're opened and the container that Gulp alive comes in are not very good either.

Berkley also makes a separate container specifically for Gulp soft plastics but I am not very impressed with those either and they range from $20-30.

The best solution I have found for leak proof storage is a four sided tupperware style container that has a gasket under the lid, and all four sides has a separate latch that snaps it close.

These can be found at Wal-Mart or Target and are under $6.

Gulp is not like other soft plastics where the colors will bleed into each other when stored together, I have had my bucket of Gulp with all colors mixed together and have never had a problem with the colors running into each other.

So if you have never tried Gulp buy a bag and give it a shot, I'm sure you will be convinced that the stuff definitely works.

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