Florida Fishing Vacations

Florida fishing vacations can be a great idea for anyone from a single person to an entire family, whether you want to fish inshore or offshore. If you have a boat there are many places throughout Florida that have perfect accommodations with your room being located on the water with a dock for you to tie up your boat and great places to fish nearby.

It is nice being able to walk right out of your room, hop in your boat and start fishing rather than having to go through the hassle of unloading and loading your boat everyday. Most places that have this type of setup also have a hose to wash your boat off each day and flush your engine. Most places also have an electrical outlet for you to charge your batteries and a cleaning table to clean your days catch.

If you don’t have a boat you can hire a Florida fishing guide for a day or even multiple days. Even if you have your own boat and bring it with you on your Florida fishing vacation, hiring a guide might be a good idea for your first day if you are not familiar with the area you are vacationing in. Doing this will most likely make your stay more enjoyable as you will learn the area and the most effective techniques used to catch the fish in that particular area.

If you don’t have your own boat and prefer not to use a guide on your fishing vacation there are many other great fishing opportunities. Fishing from one of the many Florida fishing piers or jetties that are around the coast of Florida is very popular and give the land based fisherman a good chance at landing some really big fish.

Surf fishing off of the Florida beaches is another very effective type of fishing. You can catch anything from sharks to tarpon depending on the time of year. If freshwater fishing is more your style there are many lakes and rivers throughout Florida where you can catch bass, pan fish, catfish, gar and many other species.

Around most rivers and lakes you can find places that rent canoes and kayaks if you rather not fish from land. Florida fishing vacations can be a great way to relax and have a good time.

If you are a serious fisherman and are wanting to target a specific species it would be best to check out the fishing forecast or talk with your Florida fishing guide of choice about what month you are wanting to plan your fishing vacation because certain species of fish may only be available during certain times of year.

But regardless what time of year you plan your Florida fishing vacation there will always be many species of fish to catch whether inshore or offshore, freshwater lakes and rivers. Having a Florida fishing map of the area you are planning on fishing will also be very helpful in finding places to fish.

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