Florida Fishing Reports

Florida Fishing Reports can be some of the most valuable information you can find if you have not been on the water in a while or if you are wanting to try a new area.

You can find fishing reports in news papers, fishing magazines, at your local tackle shops, on various websites and on many fishing shows.

So make it a point before you go on a fishing trip to find a report somewhere. Because you may be able to find the little details you need to make your trip more successful just by knowing a few things that has worked or didn’t work in the past day or two by other fisherman.

A few things to make sure to pay attention to while checking out the Florida fishing reports so you get the most out of them is: Location of where person is fishing (don’t look for the exact spot, because chances are you won’t find it and if you do then so has everyone else.

Just use the information given and apply it to your spot. Such as: are they fishing in a river, on a flat, some sort of bottom structure, near a power plant… etc), type of species that is being fished for, water depth, water temp, water clarity, barometric pressure, outside air temperature, wind speed and direction, tides, type of bait, the type of presentation used ( free lined, bottom fishing, artificials… etc), size leader used, the size of the hook used, any weight being used and very importantly the size of the bait.

Chances are that all fishing reports you come across will not have every bit of information listed above, so just pay attention to the details that are given in the fishing report and apply them to your next fishing trip.

In the map below you can click on the region that you are planning to fish next for the latest fishing report from that area. The fishing reports provided will be from professional guides who are on the water daily and from everyday anglers that go fishing when they can.

Feel free to post your own detailed fishing report and show your skills off by posting pictures of your days catch from your region.

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