Florida Fishing Regulations

There are many Florida fishing regulations that you need to be aware of before going out on the water so you don't get a BIG ticket or even worse your fishing equipment getting confiscated and your Florida fishing license gets suspended.

A free copy of the Florida Saltwater Fishing Regulation are in almost every bait and tackle shop in Florida.

You can usually find them with the free fishing magazines if not just ask.

I keep a copy in the dry box in my boat and in my tackle box, having a copy of the regulations comes in very handy sometimes.

Another thing you must have is a Florida fishing license regardless if you are from another State or from Florida.

Other information regarding the regulations and licenses can be found at myfwc.com , keep in mind that saltwater and freshwater rules change often so make sure to have an up-to-date copy.

It probably won't get you out of trouble if you tell the FWC officer that you are going by the previous years rules and regulations, negligence isn't a good excuse!

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