Marine Weather Forecast Information

Get your latest marine weather forecast for your boating area. If there are warnings in effect in your area make sure your boat can handle the conditions that you might encounter.

Check your boat to make sure it is equipped properly with the right amount of life vests, tools to make a quick fix, zip ties, and that all of your visual distress signals are in working order. You also need to have a VHF radio or cell phone on board in case of emergency.

Once you are on the water, you need to check the conditions frequently as things can change very fast, especially if you are going offshore.

Use this list of phone numbers to get the most up to date weather forecast for your area.

Ports Weather 1-866-827-6787

Macdill Weather 813-828-2421

NOAA Weather Recorded Forecast

Tampa 813-645-2506

Jacksonville 904-741-4311

South Florida 305-229-4550

Keywest 305-295-1316

VHF channel 22A

U S Coast Guard

Rescue Station VHF Channel 16

Marine Safety Office 727-824-7534

National Response Center 1-800-424-8802 (oil spills and maritime emergencies)

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