Components of a cast net

** Some of these components can be replaced or repaired depending on the cast net manufacturer.

Loop - This is the part of the throwline that goes around your wrist.

Throwline - This is the rope that allows you to retrieve your net after you make a throw and is usually made of polyethylene rope which doesn't absorb water

Spacer - This helps keep the braille lines from getting tangled

Horn - This is the round plastic ring at the top of the net

Braille Lines - These are the heavy lines inside the net that allow your net to close when you pull the throwline

Netting - This is made mostly out of copolymer monofilament and ranges from 1/4" mesh up to 3/4" mesh for most applications

Leadline - This is usually made of braided polypropylene and varies in the amount of weight per foot depending on the application for it to be used

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